Business After Hours Event (BAH)
Host Checklist

As an active member of ECCI, the Business After Hours (BAH) event is an opportunity to showcase your business to other members. It’s a relaxed networking opportunity where the host will provide light refreshments, and a platform to promote your business.

The Chamber will promote this event and we provide the following guidelines to ensure it is a positive and worthwhile business activity for you and those who attend.

8 Weeks Prior:

  • Book in BAH Event with ECCI – Express Interest in holding a BAH by selecting a couple of date options – via our Website. ECCI will contact you to discuss and confirm your booking.
  • Now to get planning underway!
  • Provide ECCI with a high-res electronic copy of all BAH hosts company logos, and about 100 – 150 words about each host and a photo.
  • Provide ECCI with the location and time of your BAH event.
  • Provide us with any additional information about the evening that needs to be included in the promotional material, for example, parking details, no stilettos, any special event you might be celebrating etc.
  • Organise catering.
  • Organise drinks, don’t forget water and other non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Organise 1 Door Prize and advise ECCI what it is. This may encourage people to attend and will make the night memorable.

Suggested Checklist for the week leading up to, and the day of your BAH:

  • Provide ECCI with name and title of who will be presenting the speech for the event.
  • Give the caterer final numbers and organise timings with them.
  • Pick up drinks and ensure they are cold:
  • Provide a variety of mid strength and full-strength beer options.
  • Non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Water.
  • Provide a large trestle table or desk to place all the name tags, ideally near the entrance of the venue.
  • Provide another trestle table for us to use for promotional items.
  • Provide a high table or lectern to be used for presentations (not essential).
  • Place bins around the room for rubbish and bottles/cans that can be recycled.
  • If required, put up signage for ease of parking and locating the room.
  • Ensure you have enough glasses for everyone and place out for easy service.
  • Put your door prizes near the “lectern” or front registration table.
  • Prepare your (4) minute speech about your organisation to be delivered on the night.

Roles and Responsibilities for a BAH Event

DescriptionECCIHost (You)
Booking in your EventWe will add this into our event calendarPlease contact us to book in and schedule your BAH Event
Create Event Advertising with an online invitationWe will promote your business after hours event on our:
– Facebook Page
– Website
– Bi-Monthly Newsletter
– Email List
We recommend you also share the event advertisement via your own advertising platforms and encourage people to attend.
Collecting RSVPsECCI will collect your RSVPs for youDon’t forget to encourage people to RSVP
Finding a VenuePlease tell us the location of your event so we can advertise it.This is up to you. You may like to have it at your place of business or hire a third-party space.
CateringECCI will notify you 1 week prior on how many people you need to cater for including any dietary requirements.You can cater the event yourself or hire a catering company.
DrinksECCI will notify you 1 week prior on how many people you need to cater for.You will need to arrange all drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic (including water) for your event. Don’t forget glassware.
Door PrizeA door prize with help drive additional RSVPs and ensure your BAH event is memorable.
Name TagsEECI will create name tags for all who have RSVP’d.Please notify ECCI if you have any additional name tag requirements.
Entry Trestle TablePlease arrange a table to be used at the entry of your event.
Lectern / Microphone / Projector etcPlease arrange the lectern, microphone, and any other technology to be used with speeches.
Clean upYou will need to arrange clean up requirements with the venue that is hosting your BAH event.
Payment / CostsAny costs of items under the roles and responsibilities of the hosting business are required to be paid for by the host.

I would like to hold a business after hours event;